Strange behaviour on logs

Hi, I'm a recent convert to Hubitat from Smartthings. I've installed and configured 'HubiThings' to control virtual motion detectors based on my Arlo cameras which are still connected to my Smartthings Hub. I've removed every rule and automaton from Smartthings, I just have it to control the Arlo cameras.

So far it is working very well. I get notified within Hubitat if there is motion in the day, and when Hubitat changes mode to AWAY or NIGHT, the Smartthing hub changes mode and records video as well as notifying Hubitat of the motion.

However I was looking at the Live logs within Hubitat and it full of warnings about HubiThings OAuth and too many requests.

I don't know if this is detrimental - but it doesn't seem right? The notifications are every few seconds so the log is constantly growing, even though nothing is really happening in the home.

I've can't attach a screenshot of the live logs as this is my first time here but of course I can send any information as needed

Thanks for reading.

@Tom_James Normally you would post this in the Hubithings thread just to keep it in once place :slight_smile: But I'll tag @Bloodtick_Jones

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Apologies, and thanks.

Oh no worries. Keeps things neat is all and you can peruse the thread in case your question is already answered. :grin:

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Can you cut and paste a sample of the log text concerning OAuth?

You wanna replay to @Tom_James :grin:

@Tom_James can you cut and paste your logs here?

All good. I updated the OAuth and it works perfectly. Thanks for replying.

I'm seeing the same thing, and all I have connected are my samsung washer and dryer.