Strange behavior with Motion Lighting

I have the following Motion lighting app configured:

When the rule executes, I see the following in my log:

Why does the light level jump around like that? This rule seems to "halt" other rules from executing for a short durations.

You shouldn't both set the color or color temperature AND turn the switch on. Setting either color or color temperature all by itself will turn on the switch. I don't know if this is the cause or not, but this appears to be a device issue. Does any other app set this light? What sort of device is it?

I recommend you move this app to Room Lights. You should be able to import the ML into Room Lighting to create an equivalent app.

This is a RGBGenie device. Ill test out Room lights and report back. No other apps control this device.

I moved the rule to Room Lighting as seen here:

When motion is triggered, the lights are not turned on at all now.

and here is the current screen from Room lighting after activation:

Disregard, I needed to set activation settings per mode. I think it might be working now.

Confirmed working, thanks for the help! Should I move all my "Motion and Mode Lighting App" rules to "Room Lighting" now? When would I use one over the other?

Room Lights is intended to replace Motion and Mode Lighting Apps -- they all can be moved over. Up to you whether to do that or not. I moved all of mine, but then there was a need for a lot of testing...