Stopping repeat rule

Hi all
For fun with my kids, when pushing a switch, I set a rule to make random colours on my kids lights (AKA party mode). I did this via a repeat rule to change light colour to random every couple seconds and then go back to white after 3min.
I selected "stopable" thinking that another rule trigger would stop that but it doesn't. How can you set it to stop (e.g. I click the switch again once to trigger the normal on/off rule)? And what does "stopable" do?

This isn't going to work the way that you want. To get this to work, you would have to have the cancel within the same rule. So, you would have to use the trigger of button device. But the reason this won't work is that the Xiaomi button doesn't report a "released" event. So, you won't know when to stop the repeating action.

Ok, thanks. I'll look at putting another means of cancelling in

You can't stop a repeat from another rule. You can only Cancel all timed actions. But how would you know when to do that? With another button press? I would still do that in the same rule using the button device trigger instead of the individual button as the trigger.