Stop the rule if conditions no longer exist

So I set up a rule to flash some lights on and off if the tilt sensor on my garage door shows open after 9pm.

My reaction when the lights flash is assumed to be that I will close the garage door (and the sensor will move to closed).

How do I stop the lights from flashing when the tilt sensor shows closed AFTER the rule is activated?

For the lights to stop flashing, add the following at the end of the rule:

Wait for event: tilt sensor closed
Off: Big Chair, Dining Room

(You can select both lights together with the action - doesn’t need to be separate commands.)

Note that using the flash command, if the bulb doesn’t support flashing, will have the hub send an on then an off command continuously. This can cause the hub to flood the Z-Wave or Zigbee network on which the bulb or switch is connected. It will also slow down the hub when multiple devices are selected, though I suspect only 2 might not be a problem.

What I have done to remedy this is either use a color bulb and set it to a color that I only use for this, or use the Inovelli switch’s LED to show a specific pattern.

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I will give that a shot. THANKS!

I think that both handle flash natively

I expect what @Sebastien is referring to is how HE (or the developer of any custom driver) needs to implement the flash command. I.e. just because the flash command is shown in the screen does not indicate how it is implemented "under the hood". The driver may support it, but how it does, I am assuming, may differ.


Something like this

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Just add the off command at the end, after the wait

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How do I figure out of the bulb and or switch in this case supports flash within HE?

Whether it supports it can be checked by calling the command, either within the rule you have setup or simply on the Device Details page. As to @Sebastien 's point about how it is achieved.... that I am not sure how to determine. Any ideas @Sebastien ?

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Wouldn't the logs show either one entry or a bunch?

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I'd expect the call to the command would log something, not sure about each call to turn the light on and off. Debug logging on the device maybe...

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That’s a good question. I suspect that if all logging is enabled, the logs might show on/off events, as @jameslslate mentions.

I would say that if you see issues with the lights blinking at uneven speeds or other commands slowing down, then the driver or device doesn’t support flashing and just sends on/off commands. If everything works as expected when flashing, then all is good.

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Or let it fire and wait to see if your hub locks up. :grin: