Stop Position for a Shade


Is there a way to set a stop position of a shade in a Scene?

Here is what is happening
I have a projector Screen that can be rolled on and Off using a Window Shade controller.
When I turn the Projector Screen (zwave) device on, every time, I have to set the Position to 85% and then push the set button

Is there a way to automate that instead of entering the number every time?

Please help.

What options do you get in the Device page in HE? In particular, what are the Commands displayed at the top of the page?

everytime, i set the position to 85 and then click on set position.
I don't know if there is a way to automate this :frowning:

Yes, this can be automated. In a Rule Machine rule you can add a Custom Action, selecting the command to run and adding the required "Position" parameter. The same could be done in other automation apps such as Button Controller.

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let me give it a try, thank you!

I will try to figure it out from here. Seems like, I need to create a Rule and link it to the Scene. May be.. let's see how this goes :slight_smile:

Yes, I would expect so, if you are using a scene. What I do in a very similar situation is create a Virtual Button device, create a Button Controller rule (App) to run the Custom Command when the button is pressed. Then inside the scene you should be able to press the virtual button as part of activating the scene.

wow, so there is a way to create a virtual button as well?

I lost touch with programming 15 years ago. Seems like, time to return :slight_smile:

There's no real programming involved. In the Device List page, if you click the Add Device page, like you would have done if you have paired any Z-type devices, you can then select Virtual as the device type. From their give the device a name and select your driver, in this case a Virtual Button. You should set the number of buttons in the Preferences section to 1 on the Device page, then you can start referencing it in your rules and scenes.

You can probably also set it in “Groups and Scenes” if that’s what you use to set your scenes. It should be an option under “Select Dimmer”. If not, you could create a “Virtual Dimmer” and synchronize it with the shade either with Rule Machine or with the Mirror App (suspect that would work, but not sure…)