Stop fade of what?

Hi dear community
I can't stop fading my lamps, they fade to 0 after i have held my button.
The Release event of this button is logged ,so it work.
My suspect is the way the stop fade rule is made.
I can't indicate who stop in the rule. :face_with_monocle:
It's normal?
Thanks for the help

Working fade to 0

Also, strange , button controller in release action don't let me do nothing...

You are just trying to get a single button to dim a light when held and stop dimming when released? If that's correct, then button controller will be easy for you to set this up. Here's an example of how you can do it. In this example screen shot it's button 2, but for your button it's obviously button 1 and of course you are asking for start lowering, no start raising as you see in the example.

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Not supported...

Right. Not all devices will support start raising/lowering and stop changing. Additionally not all button device send released events.

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In a normal Rule, Fade work, but stop don't, as explained above.
In the button controller give error like in the last image.
I'm sad..
i will try some workaround