Stop Actions on RM not Displaying Correctly for **This Rule** option

I'm on the latest version, I'm having an issue with the display of This Rule not displaying correctly on RM under the "Stop Actions of these rules" section.

See how it doesn't correctly show This Rule below:

And doesn't display This Rule correctly here as well:


I'm not sure if this is actually breaking this function since it doesn't appear to be for me so far but it may just be a display issue.

Any of my rules I had this setup prior to the latest updates are displaying this correctly:

Thanks for pointing this out. Does the rule still work correctly?

I also noticed this a couple of builds ago, everything works as before. Assumed it was a intentional change.

It seems to so far so this may just be a display issue. I'll let you know if that changes but the stop actions is working on a few new rules I created today when testing it.

I'm pretty sure it's just a ui break. Investigating....

Update: Found the cause of that, fixed. Will be in next release.

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@bravenel, thanks for the quick update as always.