Still looking for a completely integrated motion sensor with multi-sensing capabilities

I don't know, datasheets only mention an integrated "daylight sensor". Do you own such a device and get temperature and illumination readings in Hubitat?

Now it's getting strange...Do you mind sharing your device's settings page in Hubitat?

This is the hue motion sensor device page

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On the Zigbee side, and honestly my go to for a device reporting these attributes would be the Philips Hue indoor and outdoor models.
Both have reporting and motion sensitivity preference options.


Mine do not have the “update firmware” button that @amithalp has.

My experience is different. I have ~25 Aeotec TriSensor, and I use the built-in/system driver. I definitely get motion, temperature, and illuminance. Here's a sensor I have sitting on the shelf waiting to be moved to a final home:

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He was sending the Philips details :slight_smile:

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I'm definetely ordering it now! Thanks

First of all, thank you for the feedback.
With all the recent drivers testing, after running into an issue, I've decided to reset my Trisensor to Factory Defaults and re-pair it to the hub, using the native driver.
Now it shows changes in temperature and illuminance, just like it did with the community driver mentioned earlier; didn't get to measure the accuracy yet.
So, besides my apologies for the initial misformulation of this issue (it didn't report changes in temp and illum, not the values themselves), I'm now trying to figure out what was happening bad in the initial configuration.
One place to start is the way this device can be refreshed or configured:

Unfortunately, I couldn't find another way to wake it up except pressing the button for 3 seconds. Only now I find out that none of the trigger timers in the preferences page refers to or acts as the "wake-up timer".

In fact, it is coded to 12h:

In conclusion, it is possible that I might have based my first assumptions on the false fact that certain settings have been applied at the moment of testing, like temperature reporting interval, light reporting interval or their thresholds.

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