Still looking for a completely integrated motion sensor with multi-sensing capabilities

I am searching for a motion sensor with temperature and illuminance capabilities, that would be completely integrated with HE and either made for Europe (if z-wave) or worldwide (if Zigbee).
So far, I have been using the Tri-Sensor from Aeotec and the Fibaro Eye (ZW-5), both listed as compatible devices.
Aeotec does a great job at its primary purpose (motion detection), but it won't report any change in battery, temp or illuminance.
Fibaro also works fine, although occasionally it enters some non-reporting sleeping states (while still being connected to z-wave)...this might be a hardware issue, yet to be concluded. In any case, it also doesn't report any other parameter changes.
So, is there such a multi-sensor on the market that would be completely integrated into HE?

Up until you said Europe I was leaning toward the Inovelli 4in1…

Don't worry, just say it! In the end, if nothing else is available here, I will go for US products.

The issue would be the zwave frequencies are different in EU v US.

right! I keep forgetting about that...

So my only option here, if I go for US made products, is Zigbee

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That is strange... I have an Aeotec MS and use it primarily for illuminance and it has been working really well for over 1 year. What driver are you using? I switched to the Aeotec Multisensor6 driver from cSteele so you may want to try that? Also, my sensor is USB powered (not battery).

Mine is the battery powered MS-3 model and I am using its exact driver from the HE list (Aeotec Trisensor). Yours doesn't seem to have a dedicated driver in the list.

I think that may be the difference - mine is MS-6, so changing to this may be an option as I believe it is available in EU frequency. Below are the "current state" and "state variables" in case that helps:

Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 6.36.06 AM

I could use it with the HE trisensor driver, but the community driver from @csteele provides much more control

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Have you looked at Phillips Hue motion sensor?
Works with a native driver


I've tried changing its driver to Aeon MS-6 and Aeotec MS-7 (from the list) and none seem to make any differrence. Where can I find that community driver though?

No, but that's a very good's even cheaper than Aeotec! Only problem is it's not multi-sensor

Found it and now I'm testing csteele's driver. At first glance, this driver is getting some temperature & illuminance data, according to the simulated fluctuations, but I'm not sure it's very accurate. Otherwise, battery percentage still shows 100.
I will accurately calibrate it and update on this thread.

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Initially I thought the lux readings were too low but over time, I finessed my logic to account for the readings that I was getting from this sensor. I also have a Xiaomi light sensor that gives readings in the same range, so it may just be that indoor readings are in that range. Below are the lux readings for the first week of November from my indoor sensors (green is the Aeotec, blue is the Xiaomi). I am based in the US (TX)

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Mine are MultiSensors 3 and do report temperature and illuminance in a reliable way.


They are Euro version.

(I still prefer Zigbee devices.)

Do you mean Aeotec Trisensor? What driver are you using?

Yes the Aeotec Trisensor.

I’m using the “official” Aeotec Trisensor driver.

Then what could be the difference? It's not a hardware issue, because mine would otherwise work with csteele's driver...Did you also check the values' fluctuation in simulated environments?

They do work. Here is my latest chart on temperature. Black and green lines’ info is coming from Trisensors.

What do you mean? It does present temperature and light level as well as motion. Am I wrong?