Still having an issue with a light not changing level with mode change

@bravenel can you offer any ideas here? I have a light on my dresser that used to work perfectly. A few months ago when the mode changes the level on this one light will not change unless, via the Alexa Echo Skill, I tell it to turn the light off and back on. Below are the mode lighting rules and log for this morning:

The change at 7:04am was from me telling Alexa to turn the light back on. The mode changed at 5:19 from 1% to 10% which was correct but then the system went to Day mode at 6:06am but it didn't change from 10% to 80% untill I did the off and on via Alexa. Yet it had cycled a few times at 10% since 6:06 and the light was on when the mode changed.

The light is a Sengled and I have several of them throughout the house and I have no issues with any of them. Is this bulb just possessed? :joy:

Here is the device info:

I have tried level pre-staging on and off and I have tried the other Sengled driver but changes to either of those made no difference.

Mode Lighting is no longer actively worked on. I would suggest you import this Mode Lighting instance into Room Lighting to create a functionally equivalent Room Lights instance. That should solve your problem.

That’s unfortunate as I have many rules that turn this on and off I’ll need to go adjust them all or make a new rule that triggers when the light goes on and then adjusts the brightness. Oh well…