Still having Alexa Skill errors

These are still consistently showing up in logs. What do I need to do?


This is still happening just as frequently on

Community in general seems very quiet on the issue.

This error has been showing up for months -- I have reported this multiple times and it seems no one gives a flying crap about it.

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My thoughts as well. On the service, at least for me, it doesn't seem to be effecting anything. However, it's still an error.

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Yup but for all issues on lagging and slowing hubs because of error logging the very LEAST they could do is suppress this error... apparently JUST THAT is too difficult for them to do.

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Excellent point! I didn't think of the possible negative effects of the very existence of the entry.

The frequency it logs this error is a issue. It contributes to lagging of the hub and since the error doesn't seem to affect the operation of the skill the error should not be logged. Just common sense to stop it.

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