Still confused about HSM events and dashboard/rule machine

Would like to make a request to have the HSM documentation expanded to explain what the different HSM events do.

I am recreating my rules in Rule 3.0 and got to my HSM arm/disarm rules. When I saw the selections in the dropdown for HSM events, I noticed that they are not consistent with the event options from the Dashboard; I think I might want "disarm all rules" as an option in Rule 3.0 and I don't understand what "arm all" is supposed to do.

Dashboard Rule
arm home arm home
arm night arm night
arm away arm away
arm all rules arm monitor rules
disarm all rules
disarm all disarm all
arm all
cancel all alerts cancel alerts
disarm disarm

Bump. I checked the documentation on 10/2019, and it doesn't look like these different arm/disarm options are explained yet.