Still broken? c8 to c8 pro migration issue?

Is it still broken? I thought it was fixed. I cannot migrate from C-8 to C-8 Pro. I am using I do not have Hub Protect. I followed the documention How to Migrate to a New Hub step by step. I received a green (Migration) Back Up Successful confirmation, but when I checked the Cloud Backups tab it was empty.

Restore Cloud and Restore Entitlements do nothing. I bought my C-8 Pro directly from the factory. Has it been registered properly to my existing account? How do I contact Customer Service to find out?

You don't need to. Go to and see if it is listed under Registered Hubs.

I wouldn't worry too much about seeing the backup on your old hub (if you don't have Hub Protect, I don't even think you can). The problem would be if it doesn't show up on your new hub. I'm not aware of abt remaining known issues as long are you are on the latest firmware on both.

Thank you. The hub is there, but the IP Address is different. How do I change the IP? My new hub won't load, it just hangs until it times out with the error message " took too long to respond." That's because the IP is still the old one.

It should update when it checks in, but it needs Internet connectivity for that, of course. Maybe try a network reset on the new hub? Hold the round button on the bottom for about 7 second until the LED blinks and the hub reboots: Network Setup | Hubitat Documentation

I already tried that several times. The hub reboots, but still does not load.

Any unusual network configuration at home, like multiple vLANs or firewalls?

As an alternative, you could also try Wi-Fi setup and see if you can get wired working afterwards if that works.

Are both your hubs registered under the same account?

I'm trying to find out. How do I check?

The site I mentioned above makes you log in and will only show hubs registered to that account under Registered Hubs.

An error message in Settings > Migrate Hub also tells me no cloud backups are found. So maybe one is not being created.

On the new hub? The free utility does not let you migrate to the same model.

You just received the C8-Pro...if you had booted it up one of the steps in the startup process would ask you to log into your HE account and register the hub to your account. You're saying you don't remember if you did that or not?

@bertabcd1234 gave you the link to log into your HE account and check if your new C8-Pro is registered to your HE account - click on that link:

" The site..."

You'll be asked to sign into your account. After you sign in click on the Registered Hubs option on the screen that appears:

You'll see a screen similar to below showing your two hubs if you have registered both the C8 and the C8-Pro to your account:

2024-02-10 13_38_44-My Account - My Hubs

If you only see your C8, then your C8-Pro is not registered to your account and you will not be able to see any migration backup made by your C8.

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Oops! Find Hubs finds the new Hub on my LAN because it's plugged in, but Registered Hubs does not show the new Hub. So how do I register it?

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If the hub is being set up brand new, you'll be asked to register.

If you've already set it up, you can go to Settings > Hub Details to see "E-mails linked to this hub," which will include the account to which it is registered. If that's different, log into for that account and use the "De-register hub" option, then try again on the new hub (a soft reset after de-registering would be easiest, then you'll get the setup wizard again).


Thank you. I can find my new hub on the network, but when I connect to it I cannot log in to register it. Every time I try I get the error message "Incorrect username or password". How can this be, I am using the same credentials I used to create the account? How can I work around this? There is no link to reset my password. Also there is no Register card on any page. So how can I register my new hub?