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is there a rule that will let me select a switch that will stay energized for a period of time say 60 minutes and then shut the application off.
What I'm trying to do is push the button on HT app and my spy will heat up for 60 minutes in the ■■■■ off.

  • Trigger Event: Your button being pushed.
  • Actions:
    • Turn device on
    • Turn device off with 60 minute delay.

Would you want to have a separate button to do this, or would you want the switch to always turn off 60 minutes after it was turned on? That way you could turn it off early if you wanted without an issue? Personally, that is what I do in these situations. Otherwise things start to get a little more complex. The rule would look something like this:

Trigger:  Switch Changes

IF Switch is off THEN
     Cancel Delayed Actions
     Delay actions by 60 minutes (cancelable)
     Turn Switch off

I would add a cancel delayed actions at the top of those actions and change the delay to cancelable. That way, if you turn the heater off early, then press the button gain, it will cancel the already scheduled delayed action of turning it off.



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