Sticky triggers with Hub variables

I like this new feature and starting putting it in place right away, however...

It does not seem to work with Hub variables. The trigger fires immediately with no Stay Delay.

Variable reports Stepping Out Timer(false) = true and stays that way for: 0:00:30

Set Stepping Out Timer to false

2022-03-29 04:25:54.109 pm infoAction: Set Stepping Out Timer to false

2022-03-29 04:25:54.053 pm infoTriggered

2022-03-29 04:25:54.046 pm infoEvent: variable:Stepping Out Timer true

Hub: C-7

There appears to be a bug with variable triggers. Will investigate.

The fix for this will be in the next release. It will be necessary to open this rule (and others like it with variable stays triggers) and hit Done.

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Latest release did not fix sticky trigger for Hub variables. Trigger fires immediately.

I reloaded rule as indicated and also edited rule to be sure.

Sticky triggers work for switches as expected but I have not tested anything else.

Hasn't been released yet.

This fix is available now:

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Verified. Works!

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