Steps to setup Sonoff Basic (Tasmota Flashed)

Excuse my newbie question, but I've only just received my HE hub - only got a Smartthings Sensor, that I've successfully set up in Hubitat. Now the only outlets I have currently are a couple of Sonoff Basic that I think I have successfully flashed to Tasmota (I have got a zigbee outlet coming in the post).
Now I'm not sure what the settings I should set on the Sonoff; I have Termite setup on my laptop so can update the Sonoff through the command line; I know I need to set up Backlog SSID1 and PASSWORD to my Home WIFI Router credentials.
However I'm not sure what I should set the following to MqttHost / MqttUser / MqttPassword / GPIO14 / Hostname / MqttClient / Topic / FriendlyName1
Having updated the sonoff with these settings..... Is that all I have to do to setup the Sonoff Outlet side of things?

In Hubitat, I've pasted in the Sonoff-Tasmota driver and it shows in the Driver popup; So to set this device up in Hubitat - I go to Add Virtual Device and use a meaningful name for the device.... what do I use for the Device Network ID ? Do I need to set a Device label or Zigbee ID ? Having done that, is that it?

Thanks for any advice, in advance; I know this will become second nature for me eventually.

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