Stelpro Ki Zigbee driver forces heat ON at 5C

Recently migrated from ST to Hubitat. Between myself and friends I've installed about a dozen Stelpro Ki Zigbee thermostats for our vacation home. I specifically chose this stat because unlike others, it doesn't force a minimum temp of 5C and offers a true OFF mode.
In our cases, we drain the water when away so it often dips to -5C or colder inside. Before we plan on arriving, we use the stats to preheat to 15C then upon arrival the fireplace takes over.

In the ST driver for the Ki Zigbee stat, there was no problem keeping the stats in OFF mode. But in the Hubitat driver, I notice now that the weather has cooled off, the driver appears to be forcing the mode to HEAT when the temperature drops below 5C. This wastes lots of electricity!

I'm not familar with the driver but it looks like code around lines 77-79 is responsible for this behaviour. For now I commented the whole IF case but I'm hoping Phillipe or others can provide a proper solution to this. Thanks!

Upon closer inspection, the fix is just to change line 78 to set map.value = "--" instead of getTemperature ("01F4"). This is how the ST driver handled it. There may be other changes required, hopefully someone (Phillipe?) can advise.

I too have the Stelpro line of thermostats, actually mine are built in on the "Orleans" line of heaters. I always wished that the Hubitat folks would consider adding this to their list of supported devices as it appears their are a number of us that have Stelpro thermostats, both zigbee and Z-Wave. I fear that something will change and the custom driver will no longer work. Maybe @mike.maxwell will take a look some day.

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