Steinel XLED home 2 (motion sensor floodlight)

Hi, i recently purchased the Steinel XLED home 2 floodlight.


It is compatible with SmartThings. I might have a go at writing a driver, unless someone already has? The Generic Relay one allows me to at least override the sensor and turn the light on/off, but having Googled around it seems that this can also do 'measure_luminance' and 'alarm_motion'. This is a non-HE script obviously but could do a Hubitat one I guess...


You might want to see if the Homeseer Floodlight Sensor driver works…

I have a driver that I converted from ST. It ain't pretty but it works. Feel free to try it:

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Seems to work for motion and illuminance events. Will check more later.

Seems to work well and the code's easy to understand :slight_smile:

I do have a query on "Current State". I don't know if this is specific to some drivers or devices (or a combination) but the on/off state doesn't refresh in the webpage. I know it does update when i'm using a dimmer for a different device. Is this a driver bug or HE weirdness?

I find the Steinel devices to be a bit flakey. They especially don't seem to like being a hop or more away from the hub. Sometimes turning them off for a few seconds and then back on again can work, Or it might be that the z-wave associations aren't set up completely, you could try removing the device, resetting it and then rejoining it. If you do try that having the hub as close as possible may help.

Good luck!

Thanks! I have to make it work now as I've bought the floodlight and a standalone sensor in addition for something else.

I didn't want to hack parts together as others suggested. Just can't seem to find at least a decent looking IP44+ rated external zwave PIR flood.

As per a different thread, I used the mesh details tool to check the 'RSSI' (possibly a proxy for SNR).
It was showing -7dB. After moving the hub closer it's now something like 60dB. So it could be because it was too far away. I'm thinking it's the catnic lintel next to the sensor that is blocking the radio signal. Now there will be some dimmers in that part of the house so hopefully will act as repeaters to help it along.
Thanks for your help

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