Stays vs. Cancel

A couple of years ago I migrated most of my ST automations to RM in Hubitat. The main exception was with switches that were supposed to turn off after a set amount of time which I migrated to Webcore in Hubitat. (At the time, I couldn’t get them to work in RM due to my lack of experience).

Today, I started migrating those Webcore automations to RM and was testing simple automations. I didn't notice a difference on how these two rules would function. They seem to do the same thing. Is there anything I'm not noticing?

If you turn off the light within two minutes the second rule wouldn't trigger but functionally I would say they are the same. You could even write this a third way using a Wait.

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I like your second approach due to the issue alluded to above: nothing cancels your delayed off in the first rule should you turn the light off before 2 minutes. But then all that happens is you're commanding off() to a light that is already off, and the net result should be nothing different (aside from possibly a bit more traffic on your Z-Wave/Zigbee/etc. network).

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