Status issues with groups in dashboard

I've noticed that when I turn my GE Link bulbs on with Alexa the status only updates on the individual bulbs but not on the group/scene. For example, I have 2 in my living room, overhead and lamp. Even if I say "Alexa, turn living room on" it'll only change the tiles on the dashboard for those bulbs individually and not the living room tile that has both connected to it. I believe this is a device issue of some sort since I have 4 sengled bulbs in my vanity and if I say "Alexa, turn vanity on" the 4 tiles for the bulbs and the one for vanity change. Is there anything I can do, aside from replacing bulbs, to fix this?

I got help from those on Facebook in our user group. I just needed to select an option to use a group device to indicate if any members are on.