Static IP overridden


I just got an Eero mesh system. I have a static IP assigned in Hubitat and set my DHCP lease range above my static range. When I reboot Hubitat, the static IP is reachable on the network. After a few hours, it seems to get replaced by a dynamic IP assigned by the Eero within my lease range, and then the Hubitat is only reachable on that IP till I reboot again. Does anyone have any thoughts?


Sounds like something @gopher.ny should be told about.

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Stop trying to set an ip directly on HE. Just set the DHCP reservation and be done with it.


You make it sound like Josh is a repeat offender.... :slight_smile:

To expand on Rick's frustration, the local reservation does rely on two separate configurations, being the correct setup on the HE hub and then the allowance for that config by the router, which may change over time. His suggestion is worth pursuing, having a single spot where you identify the IP address for your HE hub, plus any other network device you want to reserve an address for, which may include devices that don't offer the facility to reserve one via their interface like HE does.

But equally one that HE support should be interested in as @thebearmay notes.


Is DHCP auto reconnect setting turned on in Settings - Network setup? This is one place on the hub that would act in a way described above if/when connection drops.


No, auto reconnect is disabled