Starting point for a Kaadas K7

Hi Guys,

I'm a .Net software dev by trade and am new to Hubitat and groovy. I'm interested in writing a driver for a Kaadas K7 door lock (with Z-Wave module). It does not appear to be supported in Hubitat (I included it in Z-Wave). I know that Vera supports it.


Anyone have any ideas? Can someone point me to any sort of developer reasource that might be useful here?

Most often, the generic zwave door lock driver will work unless the vendor has added options. As to resources, best bet is to grab a driver that has already been built, modify it and holler when you get stuck.

Thanks, man! I tried playing around with the inbuilt generic device, but I don't really see a way of adding it, unless you think I should try to re-include the lock again (which will make me unpopular haha!)

I'll poke around again on this site for a generic lock driver and app that I can play with. It's getting quite late here and I have work in 6\7 hours. If you have anything at the top of your head please let me know! :smiley:

The lock should have included with driver that matched or closely matched its fingerprint. You can easily change the assigned driver on the device page for the lock if needed (hit configure after doing so). If you want create something not already on the list we'll need to find you a starting source as the built in drivers aren't available for modification.

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