Start RM rule via URL?

Is it possible to trigger a RM rule via cloud URL?

If so can someone point me to the correct URL formatting to execute this. I skimmed through the RM documentation and only seen how RM can use URL's but not to trigger a rule with one.

Yes, select "Cloud end point" as trigger then copy the link.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I am loving HE everyday more and more as I learn new things about it's capabilities.


We really mean it when we say that with Hubitat Elevation®, you’re limited only by your imagination. :wink:


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Only last thing, is there a way to also stop the RM rule via URL?

What do you mean with "stop"? If you want to do the equivalent of "Cancel Rule Timers," you can do that with a cloud endpoint similar to your trigger, except you can replace the /trigger part with /trigger/stopRuleAct=<appId>, where <appId> is the app ID of the desired rule (if it's the same rule, this will be the same ID you see earlier in the URL: the <guid>/apps/<appId>/ part, also visible as part of the URL when you have any page on the rule itself open in your browser).

So, something like:

If that's not what you're after, the Rule Machine API docs have other options:

The trick is that you need a cloud (or local, if you use those URLs instead) endpoint configured on this rule to enable any of this. You've already got that, so you're good! You can "steal" most of the URL from the endpoint trigger URL, with generally just things around the /trigger portion of the URL changing to access these other features.


This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

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