Start raising and Start lowering with Room Lights Activator Dimmer?

I'm trying to use the Button Controllers app to control a pair of Lifx lights from an Inovelli Red SN switch. I can do it with the individual bulbs but the dashboard tile doesn't follow the levels set by the switch or scenes. This did work correctly with the Groups and Scenes app. Instead of the individual bulbs I'm trying the Room Lighting Activator which works except that it doesn't appear to be able to implement Start Raising and Start Lowering. Is there a different driver that might work or a Room Lighting setting I'm overlooking?

@bravenel It appears this is not possible. Could it be in the future? Do you have a suggested workaround?

This is the way I'm managing it for now. "Island" ia the Room Lighting activator.

Following for any response -- I ran into this very same issue and am curious to hear if it's a bug / missing functionality or just some setup-related thing I'm not understanding.

I don't think this could be true, as Groups does not support Start Raising / Lowering commands.

And, Room Lights does not support this functionality either, and it would be more than very complex to do so. There are no plans to add this. Why don't you just use Rule Machine for this instead?

Thanks for the reply. I was referring to the previous Dashboard Island Group Tile following changes. "This did work correctly with the Groups and Scenes app." I'll go back and recreate it to verify that it wasn't my imagination. The button controller as configured works as I would like. What I'm really trying to figure out is a dashboard tile that follows the level of the two Lifx bulbs regardless of the source of change.

Yep, that'd be the win I'd like as well (different type of bulbs in my case, but same overall idea).

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