ST-Webcore transplant

Simple easy rule. Just now starting to set up some of the simple automations. Was rule machine the right choice for this? Sorry for the more than likely dumb question. It’s like learned Russian to me right now. Still adjusting lol

You're on the right track. RM is the rule engine that Hubitat uses. You just need to remember that it's more like attaching building blocks together to accomplish your goals. One rule helps another, so you will sometimes (or often, depending on the individual), will need two or more rules working together.

There's no slowdown from creating multiple rules. It's not like webcore where you would often put everything in one piston.

In your rule, I think you will want to use ON instead of Toggle and Dim. Toggle is where you would want the light to change state every time the rule is true or false (depending on which action you put it under). So your current rule would cause the light to toggle between on and off each time the rule was true. Whereas I believe you just want it to turn on when the rule is true and then turn off 5 minutes after there is no more motion or the door is no longer open. Is that correct?

Correct. I'll make that change now.

So odd thing now....Light isnt going off after 5 min....Still playng with it.

Yeah, that one is confusing at first. You have to tell the light to turn OFF in the action for false. Where you're defining off after x minutes is literally just a definition of the timeout. It can also be ON after x minutes as you probably noticed.

If you wanted the light to start the countdown when the rule is false, but then restart that countdown if the rule became true and then false again, you would instead select the option below it for "...after a delay, pending cancellation"

Something like this should work for what you're looking to do I believe

I also just noticed i was creating a triggered rule. Thinking motion or contact would "trigger" the action. But just a rule im assuming would do correct?

You'll want to use a rule. A triggered rule will just evaluate, do that action and then it's done. You want the rule to evaluate again when the truth changes.

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Makes sense. I think ive got a couple of these working as intended. Thanks for the help!