ST V2 fobs showing 0% battery

Wondering why my fob's are showing 0% battery since I added them to HE and my dashboard. They are ST V2's (I believe), they do work fine for presence, just the battery icon is not correct. I did do the battery mod with a pair of AA Lithiums for what it's worth so I know the voltage should show around 100%. Thanks, -Joel

What battery percentage is shown in the driver details, and what driver is being used?

My St fobs di this if I don't put the right battery in.

As in the brand. Can't remember which atm.

Same here and I did the battery mod. Didn't check to see if it was reporting correctly before the mod though.

Hi Mike, Under "Current States" it says "battery: 0, presence: presence".

When I added it, it looks like the hub picked the built-in SmartThing Presence Sensor V2 driver. I just hit the Configure button for grins but no change. The fob works correctly for presence though.

I did the battery mod (powered by 2 AA lithium batteries) as the battery life with the 2032 coin cells were not good. Thanks for the help. -Joel

looks like the DH is not reporting battery status correctly for V4 sensors either.
I can see the battery value in the live logs but not the device events
sensors still work fine though
I am sure the battery value worked fine before but I really have not kept an eye on it
I have a rule that notifies me of low batteries and remember getting notified of low batteries from these in the past.

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Hey Mike, I'm not showing any battery info coming from the fob at all with logging enabled like @NoWon. I am using the driver that HE picked (SmartThings Presence Sensor V2). I just looked mine up, it's the original egg shaped one. On the SmartThings website it's called the " SmartSense Presence Sensor". Does this make a difference?

Not sure if there's a difference between V1 and V2 sensors other than the case? I tried the V$ driver and it threw up all kinds of errors. Went back to the V2 driver and hit the configure button. Looks like it polls the battery randomly.