ST to HE migration plan questions

We just had a big discussion about this yesterday. Check this thread:

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I saw that... and thought this was that...
Brain isn't firing on all cylinders this week...

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If you find what energizes the other cylinders, share. Mine could use it. :smiley: :smiley:


Cannot brain today. I have the dumb.


Do you know if Harmony hub broadcasts anything over the LAN when it changes activities or turns off? I know it does something becuase the Harmony app on my phone updates immediately when using the remote to change stuff. Would be nice if there was a way to listen to whatever status update that is.

I have a CLI installed on my Pi that I can use to send commands to the hub, they could be tied to virtual switches to where when you turn a switch on it sends a command. That's still one-way though unless there's a broadcast message to listen to.

Do you mean something like this? :slight_smile:

Some of us tried this solution early on, and found the ‘harmony-api’ server would cause the Harmony Hub to slow down over time. When the ported ST solution came out, most of us just switched to that.

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I posted a "hybrid" instant update solution to the "Instant Update" thread. It works great for me and I dont have to turn on my ST hub.

Great idea! I might copy it :slight_smile:

I considered throwing together a simple smartApp for ST that would remove the need for webCore and send the httpGet request directly, but with ST in flux, I decided it's probably a waste of time. Who knows when they are going to flip the switch on ending the classic app.

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webCoRE is easy enough. No need to reinvent the wheel :sunglasses:

So it polls periodically? I was hoping that Harmony would broadcast something when activities were changed rather than polling for frequent updates.

It clearly does broadcast something since the phone app updates immediately when changing stuff with the physical remote, just a question of whether or not it's something that could be captured.

That's a great question and would probably require a packet sniffer, like WireShark, to see if there is some sort of broadcast each time an activity changes.

I am not convinced, however, that what you're seeing on your phone is a local LAN broadcast... Can you run a quick test? Try turning OFF the WiFi on your phone. Then, start up the Harmony App on your phone and connect to your Harmony Hub. Next, using the Harmony physical remote control, change the Activity. Watch you phone and report back whether or not the Harmony App on your phone reflects the Activity change immediately.

[Update: I just called home (my phone is on LTE) and had my wife change the current Activity and my phone's Harmony App reflected the change immediately. So, I am left to believe that the Harmony App communicates to the Harmony hub via the Harmony least when it has to!]

I guess another test would be to disable data on a cell phone and leave wifi on. If the same occurs we know there is also a lan route for updates.....or test with a tablet.

That would be a good test, but only if you disabled the Internet connection for your house first. Otherwise the Harmony Hub and Harmony Mobile App will both still have a path back to the Harmony Cloud.

As usual, you have seen what I have overlooked. :grin:

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I'll give this a shot (along with unplugging my cable modem) next time I'm home and the family can go without internet for a few minutes.

The Harmony app does give the option of connecting locally or via the cloud, so I'm curious to see what this test shows.


See differences in screenshots when wifi is on vs off

Yes, for discovery of hubs, I do believe the App uses WiFi. I am hopeful that there is a way to do a 100% local LAN integration. In fact, I bought another Harmony Hub recently to use as a development platform for this. I just don't know when I'll have the time to tinker with it.


How do you use the Hubitat hub to exclude zwave items?

Settings / Zwave information /Zwave exclude