ST sensor not compatible with GH?

I have a ST sensor on my garage door that triggers lights in my garage that are connected via zigbee outlets. I'd like to also have it trigger to broadcast to my GH devices when the garage door opens but only in the afternoon/evening. I'd also like to have it notify (either broadcast or phone notification) if the garage door is open late in the evening.

It looks like ST devices don't communicate to GH through the HE app. Is there a way I can do what I want with what I have? I also cannot figure out how to send notifications to my android phone or if that's even possible through the HE app which I have installed.

have a look at installing one of the default app for notifications

Thank you. I'll take a look at that.

Ok. So I have GH installed and controlling some features. And I have the HE app installed on my phone. What I'm having trouble with now is I can't figure out how to add my home mini speaker or my phone as devices in HE. Can anyone help me with that?

When you log into the HE app it should create a mobile device on your hub.

There’s an app that you need to install on the hub for your google speaker.

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