ST MultiPurpose Sensor XYZ

I've recently started down the rabbit hole of using the ST Multipurpose for other purpose's. After all, it is a multipurpose sensor. I will use this as a possible wifi hydrometer. The one that has inspired me the most is the ispindel. I am in the initial process of repurposing the ST driver code to calculate angle, vibration, and temp. (with the option to re-calibrate the XYZ axis.) There is limited documentation on the relevance/reference point of the xyz axis.

It's currently laying flat with a reading of:
acceleration : inactive
battery : 100
temperature : 74.94
threeAxis : [x:-990,y:5,z:-27]

Does anyone have experience with using the XYZ axis on the ST multi? I have seen a few posts regarding this, but nothing more than a few comments.

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Other than each device of a given model having the same axis orientation relative to the actual device, I'm not aware of any relationship between these values and any known measurement system.
They do appear linear, beyond that I think you're going to have to provide your own calibration and reference translations.

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