ST Motion Sensor IM6001-MTP01 --> report temperature to Alexa?


Does anyone know of a way to get the ST motion sensor IM6001-MTP01 to report temperature to Alexa ? Motion reporting works, and temperature shows up in the HE dashboard, but so far, using the Generic Motion Sensor device, Alexa only says "Dining Room Motion doesn't support that" when I ask her for the temperature.

This isn't supported by Hubitat's Alexa skill at the moment (temperature readings from any device, a fairly new-ish feature to Alexa itself for anything besides thermostats if I remember correctly). There isn't much you can do to work around this from within Hubitat, but if you have a SmartThings account, you could use HubConnect or a similar solution to "share" such a device to ST and expose it to Alexa via ST's integration. Any similar service you could integrate into both Hubitat and Alexa should be equally do-able (but this is a popular option given how many users came from SmartThings).

Some day in the future, hopefully you won't have to worry about this and it will be natively supported. Until then... :slight_smile:

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