Hi, I have a driver that I have been using since I bought my original C3 hub. It is not running on a C7 and has been for a long time. Today I am getting an error and I don't know how to fix it. This issue started this morning at 10:43 AM CST.

The hub is running firmware:

[app:3]( 05:01:34.351 pm [error]( PKIX path validation failed: validity check failed on line 255 (method refresh)

[app:3]( 05:01:20.692 pm [error]( PKIX path validation failed: validity check failed on line 268 (method prefListDevice)

This is the code that is called on line 268 where httpPut is called:

// HTTP PUT call
private apiPut(apiPath, apiParams = [], callback = {}) {    
	// set up final parameters
	apiParams = [ uri: getApiURL(), path: apiPath, headers: [Authorization: getApiAuth()] ] + apiParams
	logDebug "apiParams: $apiParams"

	try {
		httpPut(apiParams) { response -> callback(response) }
	} catch (Error e) {
		logDebug "API Error: $e"

This is the code from my GitHub:

I might assume that something on the server changed if the outcome of your code changed, likely a certificate expiration given the error. That is probably something I would fix. But if you want to work around the problem on Hubitat (and don't care that it won't validade the certificate in this case), you can add ignoreSSLIssues: true to the parameters you pass to the HTTP method (so to the apiParams map in your code).

I added the ignoreSSLIssues like you suggested and it started working again.

Thanks for the support!!

FYI, I was having the same issue starting around the same time you encountered it. As of about 1 hour ago the problem is gone. Incidentally my Lennox app on my phone also wasn't working so I suspect that they'd had a broken ssl cert or something. You can probably undo those changes if you'd like to have that assurance that someone can't MITM your ssl sessions.


Thanks for the heads up. I did notice the app wasn't working late last night but I never use it so I wasn't sure if it was user error. :rofl:

I did just verify the app is working now.

I was in a pickle yesterday because my screen is dead on my thermostat but it still works with hubitat. But because the API was down the house was stuck in away mode and it was quite cold. I was able to login via their website and take it out of away mode even when Hubitat and the phone app didn't work.

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