Ssl config

Hey I'm locked out of my hub I was trying to configure SSL and I enable https:// only.I'm able to discover and see the hub on but I cannot log in it says SSL_ERROR_HANDSHAKE_FAILURE_ALERT please help


See this post:


thanks had to do a soft reset i have a quick question does the https:// only option works?

As far as I know it does, when the SSL certs are configured correctly.

which key goes in the Certificate box

This certificate is coming from Nginx Proxy Manager I would like to be able to access my hub with (https://Ip-address) only i'm having issues setting it up I'm able to go to the Domain that I made in NG proxy for my Hubitat but I cannot go to the IP address as in https://Ip-address and If I turn on HTTPS only I'm locked out of my hub