SRT321 association - not setting

All I am trying to do is set Group 2 association to point to my bolier (SSR303)...
In Vera this took a couple of minutes.

So I am using the APP Z-Wave Association Tool. I'm being asked for source and target capability. So I try all variations but think Thermostat is correct for both.

It looks like the record is created correctly.
child app: Temp Living room Association Group 2
but maybe not becasue I see this in the log
app:11912019-10-13 08:58:47.216 errorjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command 'setAssociationGroup' is not supported by device. on line 43 (installed

The driver for the SRT321 I have tried using have been SRT321 Thermostat and the generic z-wave driver. The SRT321 works ok apart from associations.

When I generate the Group 2 record the SRT321 was set in mode Li (keeps the battery powered device connected for 1 minute).

I see various message pop out in the log:
dev:11262019-10-13 08:59:11.282 errorgroovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: user_driver_meavydev_SRT321_Thermostat_866.sendHubCommand() is applicable for argument types: (java.util.ArrayList, java.lang.Integer) values: [[8002], 1000] Possible solutions: sendHubCommand(hubitat.device.HubAction), sendHubCommand(hubitat.device.HubMultiAction) on line 215 (parse)

Now I know it is pssobile to set Group 2 because I have done it on Vera.

Where is my problem? Does the APP need changing, or the driver for the device?

Has anyone actually done this sucessfully?

I would suggest simply setting the Association manually (physically) between the two devices:

  1. Put the SRT321 into Association mode ("A")
  2. Generate a NIF on the SSR303 (hold the network button for 1 second)
  3. SRT321 should indicate success by showing a "P"

Here's the thing.. maybe I should have said this before...I did exactly this and bingo Group 1 was updated. Unfortunately it did not have the required result. When I turned the wheel to increast the setpoint sure enough I heard clicks from the bolier control and I can see that HE also was updated but alas the boiler didnt come on.

So I had choice spend time investigating this option (group 1) or continue to investigate group 2. As I didn't know group 1 can work I spent whole day trying to get group 2 to work.(which I know does work)

Now maybe I should try and get group 1 working... I was hoping somone else had been down this path and provide some further insights.

At the moment I'm not sure what path to go down.

Group 1 is the correct group to use (Thermostat Mode Set).

Since the SSR303 clicks on and off in response to the SRT321 then that proves that it's working correctly. An Association with Group 2 isn't going to change anything in this respect.

The boiler not coming on implies either a wiring problem with the SSR303 to the boiler or the SSR303 not being installed correctly (for example if the SSR303 is in series with another thermostat then that thermostat would need to be permanently ON for the SSR303 to work).

Thanks for this... I gona have a go at getting group 1 working... thanks very much for your insights!

Does your boiler come on if you manually turn it on from the SSR303?

That's a simple test that it is wired correctly to the boiler.

Yes I control the bolier central heating and hot water manually through the software. To be honest with you I'm not sure if it's working or not as I don't how how it is expected to work.

e,g. I up the setpoint temp on the room thermostat and eventually this is refected in the setpoint temperature on the bolier. The rooms warm up then the bolier turns off but according to the settings in the software it says it is still on... very confusing. So it is kinda automatic and manual. If I only knew what exactly is supposed to happen.

I keep sending the actual room temperature to the boiler using the software(shouldn't the thermostat do this?) and at this point the settings on the bolier say the bolier is off. I did some research but didn't find anything conclusive,

What I really need to a clear explanation of exactly how this is supposed to work.

Through what software?

I wrote a little routine that takes setpoint from multiple SRT321's and if any of them call for heat it then turns on the boiler, if none of them call for heat then off goes the boiler.

I run two copies of the above routine as my boiler has two zones.

I have 8 SRT321's so I have the house logically zoned with them. a separate routine manages Z-Wave Danfoss eTRV's in each zone.

I think I understand my issue. It's using the default wakeup time(15mins). How are you setting this? It doesn't seem to work using the basic Z-wave tool. I can't find out which parameter to set either. I want it set it to 5mins(300 seconds). Using the SRT321 driver doesnt seem to work either,

I'm just using HE , the SRT321 driver and sometimes the Basic Z-Wave tool.

I think mine is at 15 mins as well. I've not tried to reset it.

If you change the setpoint on the SRT321 it communicates immediately, you can see that in HE.

If you change the setpoint in HE it won't reflect back onto the SRT321 until the next time the SRT321 checks in, which could be 15 minutes if you are unlucky and just missed a check in.

Association works ok. When I manually set the setpoint on the SRT321 the bolier comes on!

So here is my issue. I think it should work as follows:
1:HE sets setpoint on SRT321 - wall thermostat
2:SRT321 eventually gets updated(wakeup period) from HE and then sets the setpoint on the bolier unit(SSR302)

In devices I can see that the setpoint in SRT321 is updated but SSR302 never gets updated.

What are am doing wrong? Has anyone get it to work using HE?

What I done is I paired the SSR302 with HE as a z-wave switch. I then wrote a routine that when an SRT321 calls for heat it turns the switch on. I no SRT321 needs heat then it turns the switch off.

My routine handles multiple SRT321's and also allows for an independent boost - I can share this with you if you like?


This doesnt sound like you are using TPI. Are you?

Well surprise surprise... it all seems to be working .. maybe I didn't understand TPI well enough.. When I manually controlled the bolier the temperature used to drop below the setpoint then recover .. but TPI doesn't allow it to drop below the setpoint... I can see the bolier is on for many short bursts. The effect is very good.

Not sure I understand the boiler readings in HE because it seems sometimes the boiler comes on but HE doesn't see it... it doesn't matter.. TPI is so much better.

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