Spurious IFTTT responses to Hubitat

Relative newcomer so terminology might not be correct but here goes.

I am in the process of automating my home with Hubitat and have multiple Z-wave devices and several manufacturers wifi devices. I can set up the devices on the dashboard which work fine when only using hubitat controls. But many of the devices also have a manual switch on the device. The hubitat dashboard does not show status of the device IF the manual switch has been selected.

I need to monitor the status of the device.

For example - I created a virtual device on the dashboard nominated device status, Set up IFTTT applet to monitor the actual device and to then change the state of the virtual device.

It occasional works, with a delay, but the virtual device is not showing correct status regularly and reliably as it is receiving multiple set / reset messages from dev:code 161.

Any suggestions on the aim or the procedure would be gratefully received.

Are the Z-Wave devices plus? Or are they regular non plus? If they are non plus they don't report status updates and you have to poll for them to know when the physical (manual switch) was used.

See the Z-Wave Poller OOB app if this is your scenario.

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Sorry codahq, I thought I mentioned that the problem is not with z-wave devices but with wifi devices of which I have many.

Can you tell me what the log code dev:161 refers to?

If I can understand this maybe it will point me to where the problem is being generated.

Clicking that will filter the log list and show you above the name of the device. Clicking the log level (info, trace error) will take you to the device itself.