Spruce Connect

I have the 4 drivers and the app installed...OATH etc as well.

When I try to add the Spruce Connect app I got to the page asking if I want to allow the connection...and I answer yes. It goes to a cyan screen with black text that says to close that session and relaunch the app.

Then I close my browser and readd the app ...and I get exactly the same thing. Over-and-Over.

I have deleted all devices and apps and reinstalled multiple times and nothing changes.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Not familiar with this app, but I’m guessing that it wants you to just close the browser and then reopen the app, not re-add it.

Sorry...been out of town and just getting back to this.

  1. Go to Apps and Add User App
  2. Select the Spruce Connect app and follow the link to Login to Spruce to start the authorization process
  3. Login with your Spruce account
  4. Allow access to Hubitat
  5. If succesful, a page indicating Your account is now connected to Hubitat will appear
  6. Close this window, and go back to your Hubitat account
  7. Go back to Apps and Add User App
  8. Select the Spruce Connect app again
  9. The app should recognize that you have been granted access and skip straight to allowing setup to continue

From a https://cloud.hubitat.com/api/ URL I get this message.

Your account is now connected to Hubitat

Close this page and install the application again.

You will not be prompted for credentials next time.

There is no app created. I reinstall the app and I just keep going in circles getting the message above. I never get to step 9.

I have deleted all the drivers and app and reinstalled them several times. I get no errors during that process.

I get the same across 4 hubs.

The main hub has the app installed (been using it for 3-4 years now) however with the exception of on/off for the whole controller , nothing else works (properly).

Open a request ticket with them …

I've tried. 4 times. I think they are basically out of business.

A few months ago, they still responded. I love the device, but the Spruce controller needs the cloud.

I'd hate for that to stop working in August while I was traveling or something.

Think I'll move on to something else. :cry:

I agree. I have a couple of the V1 zigbee ones that i’ll revert to, as a last resort …

Well, I can confirm that V1 Spruce, works as planned and intended, local, zigbee, cloud free :slight_smile:

The issue is that I have 2 WiFi ones and a whole bunch of ground sensors (8-9?) that i need to ditch now.

While cool, never liked the whole idea of depending on cloud for this …

I need to learn to follow the masses...not the best thing out there. They'll likely be around longer.