Spotlight On When Arriving Home And Timer to Turn Off

I have used Rule Machine and Life360 Connector to create triggered rules to turn on/off a spotlight in my driveway when coming or going. Is there any way to also have the light turn off after three minutes of me arriving home? This would be very helpful because I frequently forget to turn the light off and the switch is in my garage so I would have to tell Alexa to turn the light off. I just switched from Insteon and had a remote switch in my home for me to turn the light off without having to tell Alexa or turn it off in my garage. Thank You for any help.

when you trigger the action to turn on light (at least in the Hubitat simple lights app) , just below it is the selector for turn off lights when turned off. I set this to 5 min. My routine is a triggered virtual switch turned on by Alexa (and turned off in 2 seconds to be ready for reset)
(Sorry Can't figure out how to insert screen capture from windows)

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