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I started today using Hubitat. Managed to install Hue control. Second on my list is controlling Spotify. I now use my phone to control it. But I would like option on the Dashboard.

I use Google (not to control Spotify though) and a Marantz avr.

I have been reading endlessly but most is not directed for a 5y old user :rofl:

Any help is appreciated. Please be patient :slight_smile:

The easiest way I can think of is if you have Sonos. Then, there is a built-in Sonos integration, and you can control whatever is playing (which could be Spotify). According to some community posts I've seen, you could do the same with Echo Speaks if you have any Alexa devices, but that is community code and requires some installation and setup on your part that is harder than most community code due to the extra/external server needed to authenticate to Amazon (but it's not impossible, and the instructions do spell it all out). Keep in mind that this integration is unofficial on both the Hubitat and Alexa sides so could stop working any time. Hubitat also has a Chromecast integration, but it is stuck in pertpetual beta, it appears, and I'm not sure it supports this type of control over Google's smart speakers (it might; I don't have any, but the entire integration also just stops working for some people from time to time).

I'm not sure what posts you've seen, but if you see one solution that appeals to you other than the know-how to set it up, perhaps link to it here and see if someone would be willing to spell the steps out for you more clearly. (Welcome to Hubitat, by the way!)

Otherwise, there's always the option that probably most people take: accept that media control isn't Hubitat's focus, at least for the moment, and find another way to do this or keep doing what you're already doing. :laughing:


The focus of Hubitat is running home automation devices and apps without being connected to the Internet. There are a few integrations that have been developed to allow connection with some LAN linked devices.

There is an integration for Denon receivers. Since Denon and Marantz are part of the same company, the Denon integration should work with your receiver.

There are also integrations between Hubitat and Amazon Alexa and Google Chromecast. I have used the Amazon Alexa skill, but not the one for Chromecast.

Thank you for that, really helpful.

I'll keep on digging and see if I get there one day. I also might share a post or two here, if I can find them as I have seen so many now :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply!

Could you explain what it means "there is an integration for Denon receivers". As I did find this but I do not really understand what it does.

I'll look in to the Chromecast thing!

So I got to here. Now I have no idea where to go or what to do!

Anyone that can point me in the right direction?

edit: I managed to add a tile to the dashboard. But for this tile to actually work I think I need to edit the commands in the screenshot. So far I have no luck in finding anything that could help.

Here's another screenshot. The IP address is from the Marantz.

Here is a topic that seems to be similar to my issues :slight_smile :

My tile does nothing. I guess I need to make configure a bit more

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Unfortunately, I cannot help you. I do not have a Denon receiver. I have Yamaha for which no suitable integration is available. I am sure some others have integrated Denon/Marantz with Hubitat.

I do have an older Google Home voice assistant and a Chromecast device on my TV that I use when streaming YouTube videos. However, my primary devices are Alexa based. The Alexa integration is an excellent one. The Chromecast integration is still in beta; I understand that is it not as smooth as the Alexa skill.

Amazon Prime Day is coming up later this month. Echo devices are often typically discounted at that time. If you are not heavily incested in Chromecast devices, you might consider picking up and Alexa device. Even the inexpensive Echo Dot devices will work.

When doing the tile, on the right hand side pick attribute then click the down arrow and pick Playing

I did this, hence it is showing on the dashboard. Just not doing anything :thinking:

So are you saying if I plug in a chromecast I can use Google assistant to control the Marantz? I have an old one lying around somewhere. Could try this.

Do you have a question though. Will there also be a tile available if you go this way?

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