Spotify & Chromecast

TLDR; I want to be able to start Spotify music on Google Home speakers with Hubitat (chromecast).

What I know

  • I am using the chromecast beta integration, which works great for chromecasty stuff
  • I am able to use spotify connect, and can play spotify music as long as the devices are registered
  • chromecast needs to initiate a handshake with spotify to get the device registered, you can do this by starting music from say your mobile phone, and then you can control it with hubitat
  • it is possible to automate this handshake (device registration), and I found a JS and a Python repo that do EXACTLY that (for HA)
  • in order to be able to actually start music with hubitat using spotify connect the handshake (device registration) needs to happen - one way or another

So it seems that it is technically feasible, and all the pieces are out there... Does anybody know how to get these bad boys into a solid Spotify integration so playing music is kinda trivial? I'd be more than happy to embark on a pair programming journey if someone felt like it.

I have spent several weeks researching and I think I have a good idea of what's going on here.


Just saw this and hoping to bump this thread. I was trying to make a rule with rule machine that turned on lights and then played a spotify playlist on my google home display. Unfortunately I can't get it to play the playlist on the google home. I am wondering if you got this working or if anyone ever did. Would be nice to have it all in one.