Spoken notifications (not phone)

Having done some searching here and on Google, I get the impression the only way to get spoken notifications reliably (other than on mobile phone) is with Sonos speakers. Other devices are available, but quirky and unreliable and more problems than it's worth. Just checking that I have come to the right conclusion?

For me, the Google devices have been very reliable over the last 16 month (when I installed my HE) with only a few hiccups. YMMV


I use a dozen or so Amazon echos and they work great, and are pretty reliable as well. They are cloud based, of course, so if you're looking for something entirely local with no cloud interaction they won't fit the bill.

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Spoken notifications have worked 100% on squeeze devices with this community app:

Also spoken notifications have worked 100% on an android tablet with this community app: [RELEASE] Fully Kiosk Browser Controller

Of course YMMV, but that is likely true of all options including Sonos.


Using Alexa devices in each room with 100% success. I do also enjoy Follow ME app, a google mini (works but I don't use everyday), the builtin Notifications app, and Echo Speaks / Amazon Echo Skill. I did have some trouble getting text messages read on my phone (I"m hearing impaired so I needed it to play through the car audio via Android Auto).

I'm running Sonos and it is reliable.

The only issue with the Hubitat implementation is that there is not a "restore" command. If you interrupt music that is playing for an announcement, you cannot have Hubitat restore to the previous state...you have to restore the music manually.


This applies to Google too.

Yea, pretty much IMHO. I have an IKEA Symfoniak speaker, which is actually made by Sonos. It works and sound great, at a much lower cost versus a Sonos branded device. The IKEA speakers are even managed via the Sonos mobile app.

I have tried the Google Home speakers, and found the Chromecast Beta integration to be somewhat problematic. I wrote the Alexa TTS integration, which was a fun project, but the cookie refresh stuff is a bit of a headache at times. Echo Speaks is pretty amazing, but it is a lot of code, and requires a separate server to keep the cookie refreshed, just like my Alexa TTS app.

The Sonos integration just works. It is simple, and fully supported natively by Hubitat.

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I have nest hubs and speakers all over the place and it would be good if I could put them to use as announcers of events around the home :slight_smile: I'll look into it, might be an interesting "journey" whatever the outcome.

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