Split Screen Tablet for Dashboard?

can you use a tablet with split screen to have your dashboard on one half of the screen and a live view of you security cameras on the other half ?

(reason being there is no direct integration with unifi protect to hubitat?)

On the iPad, yes - it will work.

I just tried it:

  1. Go to the Dashboard app and add the link to the local dashboard to your Home Screen. (That way, when you open it, there will not be any browser bar on top.)
  2. Open the other app you want
  3. Split the screen with the Dashboard app from the Home Screen.

awesome! thanks for trying ! I am hoping to leave the Unifi Protect app running all the time on one side and the Dashboard on the other.

any chance u can post a pic of what the split screen looks like if not too much trouble ! thanks!

Sure. The window size can be adjusted.

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wow, thanks so much! that looks great!
I could run Hubitat dashboard on one side and Unifi Protect app camera view on the other

sort of a work around until Hubitat can display a list RSTP feed from the Unifi cameras :+1:

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You can display UniFi cameras in the dashboard:

  • Open a web browser and log into the UniFi camera (username and password are found in the protect web interface for each camera)
  • Enable the option in the camera to publish still jpeg (updates every second)
  • Go into the dashboard, add an image tile, and add the link the the camera...presto you get the camera feed into your dashboard that updates every second

thanks, I've seen the 1 second refresh, hoping to get the live stream.
have you ever tried the split screen option where you run the unifi app itself on one side of the screen and Hubitat dashboard on the other side ?
hoping to see what that actually looks like with the unifi app :+1:

I would be concerned about a memory leak on the UniFi Protect controller for having that run 24/7.

sorry, im not sure what memory leak is ? could u explain ?

do you have any recommendations to achieve what I am looking to do without risk of memory leak ?

A memory leak is basically a reduction in available free memory due to an application or other entity not properly releasing memory back to the OS after it is finished with it.

so that would affect the performance of the dashboard ? or the wall mounted tablet ?
how do people accomplish leaving a live view of their cameras up then ? tia!

Believe that @ksgnow2010 was concerned that continuously running the Unfi program on the tablet may over time cause the tablet to crash. Programs that do a lot of polling are one of the categories of programs that tend ot have memory loss.

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