Split air conditioner controller

I have a Mr Cool mini split with the wifi adapter. I can control the split with the app on my phone, now I want to add controls to my HE. Has anyone done this? How?


@elentz You could do the Remotec Zxt-600. Works with most mini split systems. (I use it with my LG)

I have seen that mentioned elsewhere. Do you get info from the split as far as temp, status of fan, etc...

No... Pretty much one way since it uses IR. I use the temp sensor in it to match against my main thermostat (Honeywell T6 Pro z-wave) What ever that gets set to is what the minisplit gets set to. I really don't need much feedback except for temp. (I couldn't care less if it says heating/cooling) If I see too much of a diff in temps (meaning it wasn't activating) I get a notification but I've only had that happen during testing. It's a pretty solid device.