Specifying Time and Date

Why can't I specify as a trigger, a certain time (i.e. Sunset or Sunrise), along with a specific date as a trigger?
(When you specify Sunset or Sunrise, it won't give you the "use date" option).

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More information is needed to help on this.
What are you trying to accomplish? Which app are you trying to use?

What is really strange, is that if you specify a certain time, on a specific date (as per my original question), you can edit that trigger and put in (for example), sunset -5 minutes.
In other words, the editor doesn't allow you to do it originally,
but you can edit it in!!!!

Is that a mistake???

For example, the first Trigger line is what you can put in originally, but
you can edit and put in the second line:

Might be an oversight in the RM UI...[tag removed]

Is this a mistake?

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No it's not a mistake. I guess I didn't see the use case for sunset on a specific date as being a high enough probability use case to add use date to the sunrise/sunset ui stuff. Seems as though you found a work-around...

This could be useful, especially where certain religious holidays begin or end at sunset or sunrise.

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This feature will be in the next release (2.3.1). See below. Note that it does not yet display what the sunset time will be on that date; it is showing today's sunset time.


My office faces West. From mid-April until mid-September I turn on a rule to automatically lower the shade about four hours before sunset. To solve a first world problem of automating a date range will I be able to use this?

The topic above pertains to a trigger that happens on a particular date, either on one particular day, or annually on a particular day. It has nothing to do with date ranges.

Date ranges are supported with the condition called 'Between Two Dates'. It is easy to create automations that only would happen from mid-April to mid-September using a Required Expression for those dates.