Speaking a message bug

We now get a error if you try to speak a message with no volume level.
I am unclear if a vol level is required but before this version I did not include vol levels because it would go up and down requiring manually setting every few days.
So it now looks like if you leave VOL blank it throws a error. Need to fix the error or add error checking to require a vol.

What device are you using, and what driver are you using for it? This sounds more like a driver "bug" (or lack of an updated driver) to me, but it's not possible to say for sure without knowing what your actual error is.

Some background for my guess: in Hubitat platform 2.2.6, the speak() command was expanded to include up to two additional parameters, bringing the total to three: text to speak (required), volume (optional), and voice to use (optional). Rule Machine is likely sending the default null value (rather than nothing at all--not quite as backwards compatible) for the second and/or third parameters, which an old driver won't be happy with; but for the last couple platform versions, this behavior has been required for any speech driver. If it's built-in, staff should be able to fix it. If you're using a community driver, then somebody--the original author, you or someone else--will need to address the issue.