Speakers compatible with hubitat

Hi all, I am looking for a relatively cheap speaker that is compatible with hubitat, preferably zigbe for use and obtainable in the U.K. T.I.A.

What are your use cases for this speaker? TTS, whole house entertainment, etc ???

I just wish to send a warning when my mother leaves the fridge/freezer door open, have got it working using alexa but it just sends a trigger from a sensor to alexa and runs a routine. I want hubitat to delay sending warnings for say 30 seconds and then stop sending warnings when the door/s are closed.

Should be able to do that with the hardware you have in place then using Echo Speaks. @tonesto7 is in the process of replacing the Heroku section of the app, so depending on how pressing your need is, you may want to consider waiting for that release.

I will wait a while , the issue being is that dear old mother keeps leaving the freezer or fridge door open and I need a way of alerting her. I can set alexa on a routine to warn her but will have to include a message on how to stop alexa sending alerts as the trigger is for when the sensor is open only, so no way to stop routine once it has started. thanks for your input

As a temporary workaround, assuming that the sensor is on HE, you could create a virtual switch, use one of the rules engines to reflect the open/close state of the sensor to the on/off state of the switch, and then have the Alexa routine run/stop based on the switch instead of the sensor.


will have a look into that one, struggled with the virtual sensor

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