I am looking for a speaker that I can play doorbell sounds and also a siren for emergency. I am using a contact on one doorbell and a ubiquity g4 app for the other doorbell. What are you all using?

Aeotec siren 6 can do both kinds of sounds.


I have an older Aeotec Gen 5 doorbell/siren in my system. It has worked well. Unlike the Gen 6, the older Gen 5 allows the use of custom sounds created as mp3 or wav files. The Gen 5 is no longer available new.

I recently added an Ecolink Chime/Siren to my system, I am impressed. It comes with built-in default sounds for chimes and sirens, but you can also replace the default sounds by using custom sounds stored on a microSD card. I have nearly 50 sounds programmed into mine. Thus, rather than having a chime ring when the front door opens, my system announces "The front door is open".

You can record sounds in your own voice using a program like Audacity. However, I chose to use a program called Zabaware reader that will read back any text you type. I then saved the various sounds onto the microSD card. The default voices included for free with Zabaware are somewhat lame, but you can also purchase higher quality voices developed by AT&T for $25 each.

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I use Google homes and an mp3 stored on the hub

I have several Google mini speakers. The integration is iffy at least for me. I have a couple of files on the hub. It just isn't reliable. I even have the app to refresh them so they won't go to sleep.

How do you play files on the Google Home? I've tried that a few times, but could never use it to play sounds, only TTS.


Hmm, I think I have tried that before. I guess I missed something. I'll have to try it again.

I'll have to try that myself. some of my issues were the volume of the chimes.


how did you manage to reproduce a sound? I have alexa and I'm doing tests to play sound, and I can't do it, I'll send you my RM to see how you see it, thanks for your help

Not sure as don't use Echo's. I would delete all the IF statement as you dont need it

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