Speaker for local media files, budget friendly recommendations?

I'm looking for a speaker to be able to meet the following "wish list"

  • Access local audio files for announcements, alerts, etc. via HE
  • Compatible with some flavor of local media server for playing my existing music library
  • [optional] Built-in Alexa.
  • Less expensive than Sonos...

Any recommendations?

If Sonos has the features you want, then I'd recommend the IKEA Symfonisk speaker for $99 USD. It is made for IKEA by Sonos, and works with the Sonos mobile app, and the Hubitat Sonos integration. Text to Speech works great with it.


Seconded. The audio quality is excellent. I have these in my guest bedroom and they sound as good as the Sonos One speakers in my bedroom. I only wish they were a little more compact.

And for your optional Alexa just add an Echo Dot for $30.


Thanks for this suggestion. Is HE able to play local media files (alerts, tones, etc.) on the sonos/Ikea speakers? For example, I've been tinkering with the Chrome cast integration to play a doorbell chime on a Google Hub.

Yes. Here’s an example for my mailbox notification which plays an mp3 file stored on my hub. I use an IKEA Symfonisk speaker for this, using the built-in Sonos integration.


Do you have these speakers set up with a static IP? I ask because now my test rule using the chromecast app isn't working like it did a couple of days ago. Looking for a cause.

I don't know about the Chromecast integration, but for the Sonos integration, it is essential for the speakers to have a static IP (or reserved address using DHCP).

Same for chromecast apparently...I saw the IP listed in the device details did not match the one shown on my routers DHCP table. Reran device discovery from the Chromecast app and it started working again.

Looks like I need to spend some time on my network setup.


Mine does the "You've Got Mail!!!" in reminiscent of the old AOL days.


WAF is going up...just played the doorbell chime from "The Jetson's" followed by a TTS notification.

Will this same method also work to play music or playlists stored on a separate network location?

How is the deep bass? Right now in our bedroom we have an Echo Input with an older set of PC speakers (Boston Accoustics, 2 mini stereo speakers and a powered subwoofer) because my wife like to play thunderstorm sounds at bedtime. The sub does a pretty good job at reproducing the low-frequency rumble.

I don’t listen to music with a lot of bass, so I’m not a good judge.