Speak from Google Home Not Working

When I run a Rule to put my house into away mode, I have it speak out from my Google Home Minis "The house is now in away mode" problem is i have a Google Home in the living room that I select but it wont play on it. It seems to work on all the other Google Home Mini but not the regular Google Home. Any Ideas?

Just to make sure. Home as in the larger speaker, not the display correct?

Sorry that is correct the 2nd smallest speaker 1st generation. I just cant get audio to play out of it. Any other tests I can do to just test if that speakers is capable of playing commands from Hubitat

You can test it from the device page.

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This model?

Yep that's the one.. Awesome thanks, didn't know that was there.... I thought I was smart and VPNed to my home and tested... I guess I'm not at home to hear it speak duh!!!

It's funny. I tried it on the Google Home right on my desk. I was expecting it to fail because I have Chromecast Integration disabled. It worked fine.

So no matter what I try it won't speak to change volume or pause. It's like it's not connected at all..

This is what the system log shows for it

Nothing but Java Errors... Any ideas?

Even with debug logging turned on for the device, this is all I see in my logs:

dev:420 2019-12-09 06:06:20.940 pm info Office Speaker is idle
dev:420 2019-12-09 06:06:20.245 pm info Office Speaker is playing

But it works.

I'll try to reset it and add it again. I tried debug logging as well and nothing more then the errors I got?

I am also getting this error on all my speech devices.

So I removed all the devices and then removed the app from Hubitat and readded it and it seems to work now. Strange.. but it fixed it!

I did a rediscover devices from Chromecast and that solved my issue.

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Awesome glad it helped you also!