Soundbar volume control

Is aynone aware of a relatively low cost sound bar that can be controlled from Hubitat. Specifically I am interested in controlling the volume. Some variation of set volume to 10, which would always give the same volume level.

I asked a similar question in the node-red forum and was pointed to either the Sonos sound bar or to a receiver with attached speakers. I want to know if anyone knows of any other options. While controlling from Hubitat would be ideal I do also you know read and could control it from there if necessary.

I can kind of do this already using a harmony hub and kind dead reckoning by dialing down to 0 then stepping a set number of volume up commands. But because harmony has now way to know if the command was received and handled correctly it is imprecise.

These are the least expensive Sonos devices available.


The Samsung HW-MS650 is several years old, but still available on Amazon. See link below. There is a community developed integration (Samsung WIFI Speakers) (see second link below. Disclaimer - I am the author of the integration. Features:

  • Full control of Soundbar functions through Hubitat
  • Major Hubitat capabilities: Music Player, Audio Control, Audio Notification
  • Ability to set preset radio channels using soundbar-embedded apps or using URLs.
  • Ability to group with other Samsung Speakers.
  • Text-to-Speech with a message queue to assure messages do not interfere with each other
  • Mature integration that has improved and added functionality based on community feedback.

Link to Product:

Link to Integration:

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