Sorry NOOB - just getting started. Recommendation on motion sense switch

Hey there and thanks in advance for your patience and help. I am just getting started and wanted to begin with a replacement, motion sensing switch for my already installed garage lights. These are my hopeful requirements:

  1. No additional hub is required.
  2. Motion sensing is good enough to leave the lights on while I'm still in the garage. Put differently, I've seen some switches that turn off or time out too soon.
  3. Motion sensing is built into the actual switch (no additional hardware or rules required)

Thank you in advance!


This GE/Jasco is the only one I know of really. I know some people on here have it, not sure how well it works.

Kasa has this one as well, there is a Kasa integration but its not instant updates so the motion reporting would not be very quick. I am not totally sure if the integration fully supports this switch either.

Could be others?


Thank you, sir. This is a good start (and possibly end) to this conversation. The Hubitat community is super cool and I'm glad to be learning more.
Thanks to everyone!

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I would use a z-wave/zigbee/clear connect switch and a Hue or NYCE motion sensor instead.

Welcome to Hubitat! Take a look at this here. It may help you avoid some gotchas.

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What @jtp10181 said. To which I’ll add - in my garage, the switch isn’t positioned well to see me when I’m working on one side of the garage.

So I have additional motion sensors like @rlithgow1 indicated. Hubitat has several apps that make motion lighting easy. There’s also an app to aggregate motion from multiple motion sensors.

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My garage light was my first "automation" when I bought this house, before I decided on a plan for everything else. The wall switch was in a terrible spot and always got left on so I got a Legrand regular old dumb motion sensor/switch combo. Works great for that purpose. Might be nice to know if someone is in the garage, so I may add either a camera or a smart motion sensor at some point.

With omnidirectional taser...

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Where I live the police have to REMIND people to close their garage doors at night, as well as locking cars and doors. People leave their cars outside, unlocked, with garage door remotes in them... Usually this results in nothing, because its ruralish Wisconsin. But recently thieves started going around looking for that and some have gone in the house found the car keys and stolen the cars along with who knows what else. Meanwhile I'm like what sane person doesn't lock their car and house?

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You'd be surprised. Also If it weren't for my shutdown house automation, I would frequently leave my doors unlocked.

Can relate. I lived in Reedsburg (between Madison and Menomonie) for a few years in the early 90s. Yeah, we never locked our front door. One of the neighbor’s kids used to go feed and play with my pets. Sadly, those days are gone - especially where I live now (just outside New Orleans).

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I have two Hue motions in the garage.
I have a Simple Automation rule to turn off the lights after 5 minutes of no motion.

If I'm going to be standing still, like at a bench, I can toggle up a GE/Jasco switch three times to disable motion. 3 times down to re-enable. I've set that as a convention in the house.

Additionally, I set the kitchen motion so that one toggle up, like turning on a light, will leave the light on for 45 minutes and then go back to motion. I did this for my wife. She doesn't use it.

Since I didn't want the garage door automation to close the door on my car, again, I set a rule up so that it won't come down after the car arrives until the garage light goes out. So far, so good.

This has been so great, and helpful. I well and truly appreciate the Hub Community.

Very truly,


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