Sonos SiriusXM support

Hi all. Has anyone been able to get a SiriusXM channel to play with the Sonos integration? I play a channel from the Sonos app, copy the uri and paste into play track, but it will just play whatever was playing last.

The SiruisXM uri looks something like this:

Pandora and Spotify seem to work fine. I just can't get SXM to work.


Bump, LOL, would like to see someone figure this out.

Hello, I posted the first question about this a while ago. It looks like someone got it to work on Home Assistant.. See here:
https :// (Apparently I'm not allowed to include links in my posts, reformat as necessary to get there...)

Adding -static to the hls link did not help on Hubitat.. It just made Sonos unhappy.

I'd really like to figure this out.. I'd also like the ability to group speakers since that is one of the main features of Sonos. Since I'm using a Sonos Port with a HTD MC-66 for the most part, it isn't a deal breaker for me... But I would really like to get SXM working. Does anyone have any ideas?

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